FEB 03 – FEB 28

7PM – 9PM

FEB 03 – FEB 28

7PM – 9PM

Freelancing Bootcamp

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About This Course

Freelancing Bootcamp

Are you struggling to start your own Freelancing Career? Thinking of starting your own source of income? Or are you trying to balance your career growth and your family responsibilities? 

Freelancing Bootcamp is a 1-month, 8-module Online Course designed to teach you how to kickstart your freelancing career, how to find and retain clients, make money and give it the growth you need.

Meet Your Instructors


Sorup Amin

Community Manager, TeeChip
Founder & CEO, Amin-IT
Instructor, Instructory

Emrazina Khan

Emrazina I. Khan

Co-Founder, Emrazina Technologies
Brand Ambassador, Payoneer
Women Entrepreneur Leader

ajanta rezwana

Ajanta Rezwana

Writer | Editor | Transcriber
Translator at Upwork

mishu f rahman

Mishu F. Rahman

Professional Video Editor
Faculty, UY Lab

Course Outline


Module 01

Overview of Online Platforms

As a woman Freelancer, it is important to know where to start. Learn about Different types of marketplaces and services, and identify your best fit.

Module 02

Digital Product Selling, Vlogging & Influencer Marketing

Understanding and Selling Digital Products, or developing skills to promote products as an influencer, takes considerable time and knowledge. Learn How to start, How to develop skills and where to find more resources for your first steps.

Module 03

Self-Branding and Promotion

In order to grow as a Freelancer, you must ensure that others can find you – and your work. Learn how to brand and promote yourself with Hands-on examples – as well as Dos and don’ts.

Module 04

Introduction to MarketPlaces

Freelance Marketplaces like Upwork and Freelancer.com can be a maze for first-time freelancer. Learn how to start, where to start, and which marketplace is best for your unique career.

Module 05

Marketing and Acquiring new Clients

Getting new clients is challenging, particularly when you are first starting out. Learn the best ways to promote yourself and get your name – or your company’s name – out there, and how to acquire and hold on to clients.

Module 06

POD Marketplaces and Skill Development

Print-On-Demand (POD) Marketplaces are one of the most accessible and lucrative modes of making a career out of your freelance work. People can make thousands of dollars by selling print on demand products. All you need is a creative mind, and basic graphic design skills, and you are set! Learn the skills to set up your own business in POD Marketplaces.

Module 07

Promoting Yourself and Your Work in POD Marketplaces

All Marketplaces are extremely competitive, with clients having thousands of options they can choose from. Why would they pick you? Learn what an ideal public image should look like if you want to attract and retain clients.

Module 08

Introduction to Payment Methods

A major challenge in Bangladesh is the web of payment methods, since local payment modes like Bank and Mobile Wallets are not suitable for high-scale Freelancing work. What payment modes are necessary for ease-of-use and payment globally? How would you set them up? How and when do you actually receive your money?  

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With Freelancing Bootcamp, you will learn how to set up your own Freelancing career and start earning more that you have before. Investing in this course will help you do get more clients, get paid better and make more money, with help from some of the best Freelancers and Career Leaders in the Country.

Full Course

Tk. 3000 30 Days. 8 Modules.
  • 30 day's Freelancing Course to start your grow your career
  • All 8 Modules of the Program
  • Interactive Online Classes
  • Completion Certificate by Flaments